Urbanist web: mobilier et architecture à partir d’objets recyclés


Déniché grâce à Benjamin Pradel, ce site contient plusieurs articles sur le design et l’architecture réalisés à partir d’objets recyclés.

Refab: 20 Eye-Catching Pieces of Recycled Urban Furniture

Do you ever get sick of people telling you to recycle? Geeky and green, these furniture designers prove recycling can be a lot more interesting than stuffing cans, bottles and cardboard into the proper containers. A ‘bathtub couch’ and ‘shopping cart chair’ may not be your cup of tea but there is something for everyone in this adaptive reuse collection. Who knows, you might even be inspired to find new uses for old stuff around the house after seeing some of these bizarre recycled furniture designs.

Creative Recycled Art, Architecture, and Design

Many people associate environmentalism with gloom-and-doom predictions about the planet. While climate change is a serious issue, many artists, architects and other designers are also working on smaller scale green projects that both effect the environment and cause change by sparking discussion and reflection. While the actual direct impact of any given artwork or design may be small the cumulative result of their efforts is palpable and grows bigger with each creative and sustainable design or art project.

Adaptive Reuse: 7 Brilliant Building Conversion Projects

Adaptive reuse used to be a tactic of necessity – people didn’t have the time, energy or money to build something new so they made the best with what they had. Today it is a way to stand out, make a statement, go bold and try something completely different. From airplanes, chapels and garages turned into houses to airplane hangers turned into tropical rain forest resorts, the possibilities are essentially endless. Know of other recycled design or amazing architecture projects? Be sure to list them in the comments below!

7 (More) Amazing Adaptive Reuse Architecture Projects

Who would have thought you could make so much with simple structures from trailer parks? And that’s just the beginning. For ecological reasons, for eccentric clients and simply for fun, more and more architects and designers are figuring out clever approaches to adaptively reuse old structures in novel ways. From pigsty, ship and water tower houses to a beautiful chapel bookstore and a gigantic shipping container museum, here are seven more ingenious reuses of otherwise wasted architecture into amazing recycled designs. (See more under 70 Works of Recycled Art and Design).

5 Recycled Buildings Made from Bottles, Cans, Bales & Tires

Have you ever thought of recycling as a creative act? To recycle something doesn’t necessarily mean just hauling used bottles, cans and cardboard to the curbside for pickup. Some creative people, either out of need or personal interest have taken the notion of recycling to the next level, using products that would be melted or shredded as whole objects in the construction of creative new buildings.


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