Artists’ Waste, Wasted Artists: Exhibition Catalogue (Special Student Issue)

Journal of Extreme Anthropology, Vol 1, No 2 (2017): Artists’ Waste, Wasted Artists: Exhibition Catalogue (Special Student Issue)

This catalogue, and the exhibition Artists’ Waste, Wasted Artists which it accompanies, is a result of a class, Making Ethnographic Exhibitions:
Theory and Practice, I have taught at the University of Vienna in Spring/Summer 2017. Seeing my students excited about getting their hands dirty, both with ethnographic fieldwork among artists and with designing an actual exhibition, I have decided that their semester work, for a change, won’t be as if, but for real. Not just another semester essay solely for the eyes of the professor, not just another little event for fellow students. Instead, a real gallery, and a real catalogue, for the public. After all, it is only when something is truly at stake that we give our best. To make this possible, I have decided to open up the Journal
of Extreme Anthropology also to occassional special student issues – a beginning, we hope, of a new tradition. This was also an attempt to suspend for a moment the students’ inevitable run after another few ECTS points under the current dictate of the ‘educational’ system, to provide an impulse to do more than just the necessary minimum, and most importantly, by doing so, to address the students as adults. Moreover, my goal was to integrate research, theory and practice,
which remain too often disconnected – from a brief fieldwork in the artworld, via excursions to musems and discussions with professionals, to theoretical debates in class and finally a production of an exhibition. An exhibition that aims to present ideas and arguments, through the exhibited art objects, rather than placing the objects themselves at the center. Thanks to all my students and all represented artists for dedicating themselves to the project.

Several articles deal about the relation between art and waste.

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