Confronting Waste

Confronting wastes a special issue of EuropeNow

excerpt: With this special feature, EuropeNow seeks to encourage a discussion about waste by presenting this vast interdisciplinary topic through a selection of artistic endeavors and research articles. In these pieces, our contributors consider an array of specific types of wastes that researchers have examined, test past and present solutions that have been attempted, and advance some proposals for the future of waste. While the question of rubbish is so broad and encompasses so many aspects of physical, social, political and economic life that it would be impossible to address them all, the contributors assembled here appraise many of the key actors involved in the waste question in the formal or informal sector, whether on the production or consumption side. In doing so, they help further conceptualize waste, supporting the design of crucially needed solutions. To start with, it is necessary to contextualize waste in time and space. If we consider waste as a mirror of a society’s values about material culture, tracing waste historically is essential to gaining an informed grasp of contemporary societal reactions and political and economic engagements vis-à-vis trash production and trash management.

A Special Feature: Confronting Waste



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