Call for Papers : Towards Sustainable Resource Governance

Call for Papers

Convenors: Alison Blay-Palmer, Terry Marsden, Phil Mount

Association of American Geographers Annual Conference
April 9-13, 2013 , Los Angeles (CA)


Towards Sustainable Resource Governance

States, communities and households are being asked to balance the tensions driven by economic recession and the associated pressures for regional development and jobs, against serious and interconnected concerns raised by climate change, rising food and fuel prices, food security and safety concerns, and increasing disparities in income, education and healthcare. Across all scales, these conflicting fiscal demands have created contested policies that aimed to facilitate effective, sustainable resource governance particularly in food, energy and mining.

In resource extraction and renewable industries, policies which promoted ever-greater regulatory oversight and over time attempted to balance economic might with social and environmental responsibilities have quickly become framed as a burden that stands in the way of jobs and regional prosperity.
Similarly, push and pull between mandated renewable energy targets, farmer incomes and food prices, as well as a growing global middle class, urbanization and migration forces, create land and energy pressures that make food production and energy resources difficult to regulate and govern. As with proposed carbon credits / taxes, or any suggestion of a right to food or a right to land, these subsidies, mandates and state regulations run counter to the neoliberal orthodoxy which has dominated community, state and international-level discourse for a generation. Within this context, papers in this session will address topics at the nexus of governance, regulation, food systems and resource management from EU and North American perspectives. Through the papers, we invite examples and thinking which looks at viable alternatives to the neo-liberal orthodoxy, including insights into how new ways of organizing place and community can counter the dominant tendency, and to explore whether we can talk of a ‘post neo-liberal’ condition which reclaims place and space.

To submit an abstract, please contact Alison Blay-Palmer

Deadline to submit abstracts: October 20 (so we have time to pull the session together for the AAG deadline of October 24). The papers from this session(s) will be linked to a Panel Session titled ‘Tackling Sustainability during the environmental, food and fiscal crisis: challenges and opportunities?’. The panel will include Julian Agyeman, Alison Alkon, Rob Krueger and Terry Marsden.

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