A lire: Anthropology of Waste sur le site d’Anthropology News

Ci-dessous quelques articles sélectionnés mais il y en a d’autres sur des sujets connexes:

Rachel Harvey, Annette Koh, Landfill in Paradise: Politics of Waste Management and Environmental Justice in Hawaii An island ecosystem, the state of Hawaii has no “away” in which to throw away its waste.

Nicole Labruto, Re-Use Value and Re-Use Economies: Notes on Rummaging and Waste Work What is the value of a shoe? Aristotle famously said that it was its use, as footwear.

Emilie Guitard, “The Great Chief Must Be Like the Great Trash Pile”: A Political Anthropology of Waste in African Urban Contexts(voir sur ce site la description de la thèse d’Emilie)

Merrill Singer, Thinking about Waste Is Not Wasted Thinking: An Age of People and Waste Paul Crutzen, a Dutch atmospheric chemist, proposed that the contemporary geographic age of Earth be termed the Anthropocene (Age of People) because of our significant role in…

Ryo Morimoto, Non-Contaminable Stuff: Reorganizing Cultural Memories through the 3/11 Disaster “Gareki (waste) again!” exclaimed a young boy, pointing at the disaster “waste” on a TV screen, in a temporary housing facility in Ōfunato…

Joshua Craze, It is early 2011. South Sudan has just voted to secede from the north, and N, the dyspeptic Ugandan owner of a fleet of six waste disposal trucks, was staring forlornly into his third Guinness.

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