A voir : “Reciclando Sueños” (2010, 65′) Argentina, Brasil.

1-db1ee0a83bThis film addresses the daily complexities and challenges faced by a group of wastepickers during the startup process of their cooperative organization. Located in one of the poorest and most densly populated areas of greater Buenos Aires in Argentina, the cooperative gather local unemployed inhabitants. Since 2006 the cooperative has developed a program of source separation and differentiated collection of solid waste in nearby neigbourhoods, as a means of strengthen their demand for recognition of his work as “public service” by the local municipality government. The film registered the key events that shapes the daily existence of the cooperative, tracking different perspectives and stories unfolded at a particular time, when the contagious enthusiasm of their figth for social and public recognition began to contrast whit their difficulties of ensuring the basic operating conditions. Departing from willful visions and/or normative approaches the film recovers the daunting task of accomplish personal and collective dreams.

Script, direction and production: Marcelo Ernández Macedo, Sebastián Carenzo, María Inés Fernández Alvarez, Nicolás Diana Menéndez, Santiago Sorroche. Facultad de Filosofía y Letras – Universidad de Buenos Aires / Faculdade de Comunicação Social – Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro.


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