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Appel à com: Second-hand and vintage as the circulation of material culture: ownership, power, morality

The current recycling trend – reusing of clothes, furniture, household goods or building material – captures several contemporary social dynamics. It can be read as linked to the interest in cultural heritage in late modernity: home- and lifestyle magazines feature advice about how to create authenticity and a connection with the past through decorating with memorabilia, unique finds from flea markets, or furniture with a history. It can also be understood as a critique against the current rate of consumption, seen as unsustainable, both in terms of how goods are produced, and their impact on the environment.

“Singapore is a gold mine”: Re-Orienting global trade flows of secondhand electronics

A lire sur le blog de Discard Studies l’article de Creighton Connolly sur la circulation des déchets électroniques à travers le monde et leur réusage observé à partir de Singapour qui est autant un acteur qu’un faciliteur de la circulation et le trafic des déchets électroniques. Creighton Connolly MA Candidate, Department...

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