Étiqueté : déchets industriels

CFP: The Wastes of Governance (AAG 2016)

CALL FOR PAPERS: The Wastes of Governance @ American Association of Geographers 2016 Annual Meeting (San Francisco) DEADLINE: OCTOBER 29, 2015 This session picks up on work that posits an understanding of waste as emergent, or as co-emerging alongside certain configurations (of governance) (e.g., Gille 2007, 2010; Gregson...

Documentaire: « Vies métaliques, rencontres avec Pierre Bergougioux » (Henri Colomer, 2012, 52′)

Pierre Bergounioux, écrivain, est aussi un sculpteur qui trouve son inspiration en récupérant dans les casses des épaves du monde industriel et agricole. Henry Colomer a choisi d’explorer avec lui la veine métallique qui affleure dans son œuvre. Dans le fracas d’étincelles de son atelier ou le...

Modern Waste is an Economic Strategy de Max Liboiron

Modern waste is fundamentally different from its predecessors. From the turn of the twentieth century and into the 1950s, first in the United States, then elsewhere, waste began to increase in tonnage, gain in toxicity, and become more heterogeneous (MacBride 2012: 174). It also started to play a pivotal role as an industrial strategy for growth and profit.

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