Étiqueté : Egypte

What Did Neoliberalism Change for Waste? by Jamie Furniss

In Cairo, public-private partnerships with European waste management companies—a new development over the past decade—are not merely ‘neoliberalism from the sky.’ They incorporate longstanding aesthetic and symbolic concerns over ‘cleanliness’ and ‘modernity,’ recasting them in a vogue idiom, one that plays well with international funders. This case shows how ‘neoliberal globalization’ is reworked from within by local actors who appropriate its symbols, practices, and ideas—often for ends extrinsic to the logic underpinning them at the origins.

Garbage Dreams, Directed by Mai Iskander

Filmed over four years, Garbage Dreams follows three teenage boys – Adham, a bright precocious 17-year-old; Osama, a charming impish 16-year-old; Nabil, a shy artistic 18-year-old – born into the trash trade and growing up in the world’s largest garbage village, a ghetto located on the outskirts...

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