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Socio-technical Transitions and Practices: Insights into Environmental Sustainability

The multi-level analytical framework of socio-technical transitions promoted since the beginning of the 2000s (Grin, Rotmans and Schot 2011; Smith, Voß and Grin 2010; Geels 2002; 2011) has been recently brought into question by taking into consideration materiality, the dispersed and uneven distribution of agency and power,...

APR: Transitions écologiques, économiques et sociales

Un appel à projet de recherche de l’ADEME : Transitions écologiques, économiques et sociales clôture le 8/3/2017 La question du changement de comportement et, plus généralement, de l’évolution des modes de vie est devenue un enjeu clé de la transition énergétique et écologique (TEE). Il est désormais...

CFP – Waste Regimes: The Material and Political Waste Which We Live by in Different Localities- Oct 2013

Combining political ecology, resource geography, and environmental justice approaches, this panel on “waste regime” seeks to understand the economic, political, and material dynamics through which waste is produced, conceptualized, and politicized (Gille 2007, 9). Grounded by concrete ethnographic research on garbage, everyday experiences of ordinary people, governmental and non-governmental actors, development projects tactics, and so on, we ask what values are embedded in these roles played by many institutions and actors who locate and position themselves differentially in the local and global processes of treating, sorting, trading, and recycling waste.

Flows of Waste: Linking Rural and Urban Societies and Ecologies through the Creation, Movement, and Use of “Waste”

Organized Panel – Call for Papers

2013 Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences, June 19-22, 2013 in Pittsburgh, PA
Conference Theme:  Linking Rural and Urban Societies and Ecologies

Session Title:
*Flows of Waste:  Linking Rural and Urban Societies and Ecologies through the Creation, Movement, and Use of “Waste”*

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