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“Inventive repair, or the aesthetics of material hacks”, à lire sur le Blog Discard-studies

Before disposability, before planned obsolescence, and even before mass production really entered its modern phase, there reined a different kind of material relation with broken objects. Waste historian Susan Strasser calls this ethos “stewardship,”  characterized by handwork, repair, and making do: “We are not likely to revive the stewardship of objects and materials, formed in a bygone culture of handwork. But perhaps new ideas of morality, utility, common sense, and the value of labor—based on the stewardship of the earth and of natural resources—can replace it” (Waste and Want 2000: 293). Andrew Baseman’s blog “Past Imperfect” is making strides to knit together past instances of stewardship and present-day appreciation for the ingenuity and beauty of repair.

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