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Nautilus: Issue 007 Waste Endings and beginnings

In this issue we turn to the science of waste. We follow it as it leads us from the complications and trials of physical refuse, through to the new technology and art that we create in response to waste, and finally to waste’s role at the center of some of nature’s broadest narratives, including evolution and black holes. In thinking about waste, we find ourselves thinking about beginnings and endings, in all the corners of our world—a kind of “lovely ballet,” indeed.

Recycling as a Crisis of Meaning

In laymen’s terms, recycling is “good for the environment.” It involves “doing your bit” to help “save the Earth.” Yet recycling requires high expenditures of energy and virgin materials, and produces pollutants, greenhouse gases and waste; it creates products that are “down-cycled” because they are not as...

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