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Soutenance de thèse: Design tactique? Recherche sur les pratiques de formes incidentes (Gregory Marion)

La soutenance publique de la thèse de doctorat de Gregory Marion intitulée Design tactique? Recherche sur les pratiques de formes incidentes et dirigée par M. Pierre-Damien Huyghe,  aura lieu le vendredi 30 septembre 2016, à 14h, à l’UFR Arts de l’Université Paris 1 (Centre Saint Charles, salle 167),  47 rue des...


Working on Progress by Yvan Schulz

Anthropology News Unauthorized Recyclers Keep Out Discussions on the fate of discarded electrical and electronic devices (DEEDs, or “e-waste”) and the configuration of the recycling sector in the Global South are riddled with the adjectives “formal” and “informal.” Scientists, engineers, corporate representatives, government officials, environmental activists and journalists...



Material world. Occasional paper 6, Joel Cahen (2012, revised 2016) The following text presents questions, possible answers, and tangential thoughts that have surfaced over the last five years (since April 2007) of staging the public Destructivist activity that is Scrap Club. Scrap Club began as an idea...


Cycling and Recycling. Histories of Sustainable Practices

Edited by Ruth Oldenziel and Helmuth Trischler, Berghahn, 2015; Technology has long been an essential consideration in public discussions of the environment, with the focus overwhelmingly on creating new tools and techniques. In more recent years, however, activists, researchers, and policymakers have increasingly turned to mobilizing older...


Un village espagnol s’abrite sous des sacs plastiques tricotés

Une initiative populaire qui nous est signalée par notre collègue Cécilia Montero. Pour en savoir plus vous pouvez visionner les 3 petits films (en espagnol) disponibles en ligne: Ou bien lire l’article détaillé publié dans la presse locale:   Elisabeth AnstettMore Posts


CFP: Changing Secondhand Economies

Business History Call for Papers for a Special Issue Changing Secondhand Economies For a special issue of Business History on Secondhand Economies, we invite original research papers focusing on secondhand markets and economies involving a variety of commodities ranging from used clothing, pre-owned cars, and antiquities, to recycled ships and...